What we believe in
We want to help you perform better
We do that by specialising in biometric analysis and improvement suggestions from recorded video

Who we are

We are a growing team of professional sport enthusiasts from Sweden, Finland and England who have joined together to build the largest sports biometric platform online.

We have a long standing experience at the top of elite sport and want to start to help you to improve

How it works

What we do

You upload video content to our platform and we provide you with feedback and analysis on your technique by extracting your biometric information from the video

This data is then processed by our cloud platform and compared against millions of data points to analyse the following:

- Where you are at now
- How you can improve
- Your trends over time
- You against others.    (eg: your favorite pro)

After this process you get the feedback and detailed analysis in an online report


What we offer

We have two main product offerings.

For Venues
The first is our venue support package. This includes connecting your venue to the platform and enabling your users to get better quickly

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For Athletes and Teams
The second is we offer our market leading online cloud platform which is tailored to a longer term commitment for improvement.

The platform enables you to upload videos regularly and track your improvements and performance online over longer periods of time to make sure you get better

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